If you have naturally curly hair, then consider it as a blessing cause curly hairs are great to style. If you have got long big curls, then it is not easy to manage and to style specially in hot summer. We have searched the internet and collected ten best summer hair style for curly hair to make you feel cool in the hot weather.

1. Two-Part Updo


This updo looks edgy, but it’s actually unexpectedly simple, to some extent better and it requires zero heat styling. Divide your section into two sections equally, one in front and one in back. Create a ponytail on the back section of your hair.

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2. One-Minute Knot


This pretty half-up hairstyle may look complicated, but it literally takes 60 seconds to complete. Start with freshly washed hair and use a curl-enhancing wave spray. Grab a small section of your hair from the both sides of your head and bring them to meet at the back.

3. Natural Faux Hawk


This outstanding hairstyle can only be pulled off by natural-haired beauties. Wash your hair and dry it with air dryer and create three sections of your hair. Take the leftover, twist it up towards the nape and secure it with Bobby pins.

4. Crown Twist


You might wonder if this hairstyle takes just three minutes without any expertise. You could totally wear this for a wedding or any formal party in the summer season.

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5. Space Buns


This adorable style is perfect for a summer party or festival. You can make it funkier by spraying the buns with a wash-out hair color. Part your hair into two even sections and brush one section into a high ponytail securing it with elastic.

6. Sky-High Ponytail


The main beauty of this hairstyle is you can dress it up or dress it down easily depending on the event you are going to attend. Wear it with a bright lip and cat eyes for a casual and funky look. It is too easy to wear and takes about three minutes to execute.

7. Messy Half Bun


Half bun hairstyle always looks good on every type of volume and length and probably that’s why this gorgeous look is still trendy. Turn your hair above your ears into a high ponytail and coil it to the base until you have your bun.

8. Ponytail Illusion


Very few styles are much easier than this faux ponytail, and it is equally great as it really works better with unwashed hair. Grab a section of hair from below the nape and secure it to your head with Bobby pins. Repeat section by section until you have got the perfect illusion of your ponytail. This is really a worthy summer hairstyle for curly hair.

9. Pull-Through Braid


This style could take little more time and practice But it’s certainly easier than the braid witchcraft you see all over the web. If you love the look of curly braids, but not braid hunger you can give it a try.

10. Short layered bob with bangs


 A short bob with bangs is always trendy and stylish. This bob hairstyle for short hair is not time-consuming and it can be easily styled with the right brush and blow dry. So you really can wear it for any formal party or night out in this hot summer.

We have surfed over the internet and collected the ten best summer hairstyles for curly hair to wear.

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