What Are Sisterlocks And Why Are Girls So Crazy About It?

Not only do Sisterlocks look totally different than any other natural hairstyles; they are indeed different in every way, from structure to maintenance. There’s one mystical fact about them: once a woman of color sees them, she will have their image right before her eyes until she calls a braider. Although this natural hairstyle has always been around, it’s become enormously popular these days, as more and more natural queens are discovering their advantages. Today, we want you to become one of them to treat your natural hair with respect.

We’ve collected lots of hairstyles for all tastes to showcase the endless variety of styling options for Sisterlocks. Apart from that, you will learn the basics that everyone interested in getting the styles should take into consideration.

What Are Sisterlocks?

What Are Sisterlocks? #sisterlocks #braids
Source: aieshatae via Instagram

Even if you may identify the one-of-a-kind technique, you still may not know what exactly makes it stand out in the crowd. So, let’s start by answering the most important question “what are Sisterlocks?”. First of all, they’re neither twists nor palm rolls. They’re tiny, flexible locks that are created using the interlocking method.

The method itself involves working with a tool, while most natural hairstyles are achieved by twisting the strands. Just like any other protective hairstyle, it takes a whole lotta time. Still, the regal look and styling variability are totally worth it.

The good news is, if your hair is short, you still can pull off the look by either pairing it with your twa or opting for faux sisterlocks extensions.

When creating the hairstyle, Sisterlock technicians work their way from the ends to the roots, which means this style brings less of the tension to the scalp and damage to the follicles.

Side-Swept Sisterlocks

Side-Swept Sisterlocks #sisterlocks #braids
Source: aieshatae via Instagram

Since the locks are tiny and stylable enough, you can rock lots of different hairstyles a week! At the same time, you can see something that you’re used to seeing in a totally new light. Just look at this pic: the side-swept hairstyles have never been so full and dynamic!

Updo Style With Headband

Updo Style With Headband #sisterlocks #braids
Source: aieshatae via Instagram

If you want to rock your days with long sisterlocks, you can add some more character to your casual styles by pairing them with a fancy headband or scarf. It’s also a nice way to express your personality and make your style fit your outfit at once.

Sisterlocks Into Half-Up Roll

Sisterlocks Into Half-Up Roll #sisterlocks #braids

Source: patience_edet via Instagram

With a bit of creativity, your Sisterlocks can be anything you want them to be. Yes, even those amazing styles from the 60s you thought you will never be able to try! This vintage-inspired rolled half-up is just another proof for styling freedom of the protective style.

Simple Pony Sisterlocks

Simple Pony Sisterlocks #sisterlocks #braids
Source: sanneta_myrie via Instagram

A simple pony will instantly appear more sophisticated and elegant on the ‘locks. Even sectioning and distinctive texture are what will breathe a new life into such a familiar hairstyle, making it suitable for all occasions possible.

High Bun Sisterlocks

High Bun Sisterlocks #sisterlocks #braids
Source: sanneta_myrie via Instagram

There’s nothing more stylish and comfortable than a massive high bun done with lots of well-defined locks. Pair it with matching accessories, and you will have a totally authentic look. Besides, some minimalist accessories on the crown would be enough to make this style perfect for formal or evening look.

Half-Up Double Knots

Half-Up Double Knots #sisterlocks #braids

Source: gia.renae via Instagram

Another fun and flirty hairstyle to add into your bucket list! While looking extremely sexy, the style is actually super easy to create on any length. To add some more playful vibes to the look, leave some locks out to fall on your face.

Sisterlocks Bob

Sisterlocks Bob #sisterlocks #braids
Source: diana.instana via Instagram

Here comes a hairstyle that will make you want Sisterlocks. Just imagine a bob that doesn’t require styling; you can just wake up, sweep your hair to one side and go on to flaunt with a voluminous chic style. A dream come true, isn’t it?

Side Low Bun

Side Low Bun #sisterlocks #braids
Source: gia.renae via Instagram

When elegance meets sexuality. This look shows how powerful the spirit of pure femininity can be! Of course, such decent looks can’t do without a tight, well-groomed low updo. To make the look complete, finish one of the sides with some colorful hair clips.

Voluminous Bun With Headband

Voluminous Bun With Headband #sisterlocks #braids

Source: aieshatae via Instagram

There are two reasons to wear updos with headbands. First, they keep the style in place all day long, regardless of how crazily you hang out at the party. Second, it simply looks fashionable. And if you don’t want to put all your hair up because it keeps the face too open, big round earrings will balance out the silhouette.

Crown Braid Into Side Low Pony

Crown Braid Into Side Low Pony #sisterlocks #braids
Source: gia.renae via Instagram

Braids are meant to embellish our hair with an outstanding texture. Sisterlocks are meant to make the beauty of braids bigger. Do you get what we mean? When we look at this low pony finished with a crown braid, we realize that there’s no better hair accessory than the hair itself.

Layered Sisterlocks Style

Layered Sisterlocks Style #sisterlocks #braids
Source: silvianjoki via Instagram

Short sisterlocks by no means have styling limitations. On the contrary, there are countless ways to experiment with them. And layered sisterlocks is probably the most creative one. Ask your stylist for cascading lock lengths so that they fall like layers, and enjoy the different look!

Sisterlocks With Pins

Sisterlocks With Pins #sisterlocks #braids

Source: fantahairstudio via Instagram

For some girls, pins are a good way to secure their hairdos. For wise ones, they’re a splendid way to make the look complete, adding more individuality to the look and forming a harmonic ensemble. Needless to say, this accessorized bob looks unbearably cute!

Sisterlocks Into Faux Hawk Style

Sisterlocks Into Faux Hawk Style #sisterlocks #braids
Source: fantahairstudio via Instagram

If you’re wondering how Sisterlocks styles look on twa hair, this pic is the answer. As long as your imagination flies, you can flaunt with glamorous and dramatic hairstyles like this short faux hawk. A hint of contrastive color is just the icing on the cake!

Extra Long Sisterlocks

Extra Long Sisterlocks #sisterlocks #braids
Source: funkyfreshfa via Instagram

As much as we love wearing low hair loose and down, it’s very uncomfortable, especially in windy weather. Gone are those days! With Sisterlocks, the wind is no longer an obstacle, as the weight of the styled sections will hold your mane in place.

Double Buns Updo

Double Buns Updo #sisterlocks #braids

Source: funkyfreshfa via Instagram

When you are in the phase of growing out your locks and want to try something new, colored extensions will be your best friends. A bright double buns updo, for example, is a classy idea to go for hair experiments.

Three-Strand Braid Updo

Three-Strand Braid Updo #sisterlocks #braids
Source: anuyin via Instagram

Sisterlocks have come to this world to show your hair how free it can be and show your imagination how wild it can go. Remember the good old three-strand braid? You can make it unrecognizable, showcasing it from a totally new perspective. Some colors and a creative updo are all you need to make up your own hair masterpiece.

Curled Bob Sisterlocks

Curled Bob Sisterlocks #sisterlocks #braids
Source: anuyin via Instagram

As it turns out, you can even curl your locks! So as not to damage your natural hair, create lots of twists on your damp bob and leave it overnight. Then, wake up and unravel the twists. Voila!

The head-turning Sisterlocks images you’ve seen today are only the beginning of what you can do with this modern natural hairstyle! Now that you’ve got inspired for the appointment, it’s time for you to find out what to expect from the process and maintenance.

How To Start Sisterlocks?

To go for the style, you should find a certified Sisterlock technician. Don’t even try to ask Google how to start sisterlocks yourself: the technique is patented and trademarked, so only those who took the course can give you the hairstyle. Instead, go to the Sisterlocks website and find a professional in your area.

Getting Sisterlocks is a tedious, time-consuming process. Therefore, the price may vary between $500-$800. However, you can find a trainee Sisterlock technician and get the style for $300-400. Whatever path you choose, you will realize that this style is totally worth it.

Also, keep in mind that the initial installation won’t be the last salon visit. The style requires retightening every 6-8 weeks, which will cost you about $75-$100. Still, you can find a good tutorial and learn how to do it yourself with a nappyloc tool.

Can I Undo Sisterlocks?

Yes, but you should be prepared for a commitment. In general, it takes hours to unravel the hairstyle, so you should be confident that you’re ready for that. You can either search for Youtube videos or find an unbraider experienced in working with sisterlocks to get the style undone.

Daily Maintenance

The maintenance of this protective hairstyle is the best part about having it. Unlike most natural styles, this one requires much less oil to keep it up. Usually, there’s no even need to oil the hair at all.

As for hair care products, there’s one item you must include in your routine - The Sisterlocks Shampoo. It’s designed specifically for this protective style, providing nourishment and moisture.

When you have Sisterlocks, nothing else matters. You don’t need to spend hours taming those natural locks and apply tons of different products to maintain it. Today, you’ve seen some of the classiest hairstyles you can do with the locks and learned everything you should know about them. Isn’t its time to go to the Sisterlocks website?