Rey's Hairstyle Tutorial

Have you seen Rey’s hairstyle from The Force Awakens? I loved it right away! Princess Leia’s iconic hair is kind of hard to top, but I think they did a great job giving Rey her own edgey look. I love the connection with Leia’s Classic Buns in Episode IV, but with a different twist.  And personally I love sporting this look. And when our family went to see the new movie I styled my hair along with my daughter’s hair like this. And let me tell you it is great for little girls. My daughter can’t quite get all of her hair in a ponytail. The hair at the nape of the neck or the fringe in the front tends to fall out of her pony. But this look helps keep her hair intact more. Plus it let’s everyone know that we really love Star Wars. And if they aren’t familiar with the movies they just think we are creative. So really it’s a win-win. Or as Michael Scott might say, a win-win-win. Dad wins too. Because he loves that his daughter loves Star Wars. (She is actually singing Star Wars in 99 seconds right now, one of her favorites)

Rey Hair Style for LIttle Girls Before Shot

My cutie neighbor, let’s call her Rey, let me play with her hair for this tutorial. Georgiana still has really fine, blonde two year old hair so I thought I would be able to really show this style on someone else. Ideally we would start with clean, dry hair. You could do this style with wet hair. I just prefer to work with dry hair. And if her hair is a day old that’s fine too. But personally as a stylist I like to dirty her hair up with products rather than working with dirty hair. But if you are in a pinch I would recommend KMS’s Makeover Spray. It’s a great dry shampoo.

I had so much fun playing around with her hair. Georgian’s hair is starting to get to the point where I can get a little more creative with it. I just love styling and playing around with hair. I totally miss my salon days sometimes. So sharing hairstyles is a great way to share my love for fun hair do’s! So let’s get started!


Rey’s Hairstyle:

After brushing her hair take a triangle section of her hair and pin it back with bobby pins.

Little Girl Hair Style Tutorial

Rey has some pieces framing her face but I personally love having her hair pinned back. When I am working I have a hard time with hair in my face. Now let’s talk about products. When doing this kind of style I prefer to work with an aerosol hairspray. It is more flexible and doesn’t dry “wet”. I like using Aveda’s wet hairspray for finishing or setting, but not when I spray and then keep working with it.  I love KMS’s Medium Hair Spray. It’s flexible and easy to work with.  Also I love using a smoothing cream to control each section. I liked using KMS Taming Cream. It adds definition and helps control frizz. I loved being able to smooth out her sides and also each bun section. I love the humidity resistance and heat protection from KMS.

Note: Only buy products from professional stylists or salons

Star Wars Hair Tutorial Rey Hair Style

You will want to take 3 horizontal sections for each bun. With each new section I used a bit of of the Taming Cream and worked it through the hair for control and shine. I evenly distributed it on my hands and then worked it into her hair. Secure your hair in an elastic to create a pony tail. On your last time pulling the hair through stop half way to create a bun. Add the leftover hair hanging below into your next section. Be careful just to comb and apply taming cream to your new section. You don’t want to pull the hair out of your top bun.

How to Do a Rey Hair Style

Carefully add your leftover hair to your second section. You will want to repeat for your next bun. I do think it is more challenging when working with adolescent hair. Adult hair typically has better texture. So I would defiantly recommend using product, especially with young hair.

Little Girl Hair Style- Rey's HairSyle

Repeat with the following section. On the last section I tucked the leftover hair around my bun, but ended up using it to wrap it around the elastic band and pinning it there with a bobby pin. As you pull back each section be sure to apply hair spray to help control fly aways or smooth out the sides.

Rey Hairstyle- Star Wars Hair style Tutorial

And be sure to apply hair spray and smooth down each bun. I also opened some of my bobby pins or used already “looser” bobby pins to help secure my buns when I was finished. After bending a pin into an A frame I used at the base of my pony pinning down. I had the extended ends help to broaden my bun and fan out the hair.

Rey Hair-Star Wars Style-

And there you have it! My cute little neighbor’s hair styled like Rey. Great for everyday or for a “crazy” hair day at school. My daughter likes when we style her hair like this but still prefers her Leia Buns. That is probably due to the fact that she hasn’t seen Rey in action. I’m sure when the DVD comes out she will be all about Rey.

Star Wars Hair Style Tutorial

What is your favorite Star Wars hairstyle??? Want a tutorial for it? Leave a request in the comments below. I still need to post my Princess Leia Endor Hairstyle from Halloween. Totally spaced on that one! Click Here to see more Star Wars posts!

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