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If you have thin, fine hair, are trying to grow out your hair in a healthy way or are dealing with postpartum hair loss you need this Mermaid Hair Growth Spray in your life.

This spray has been a gamechanger during my struggle with postpartum hair loss but is great to use all the time. (not safe during pregnancy though).

No, it does not make your hair feel oily. Yes, it smells amazing. Trust me – make this stuff.

Essential Oils and Benefits

  1. 15 drops Cedarwood – Stimulates the scalp, increases blood flow, helps hair grow thick and strong
  2. 10 drops Lavender – Moisturizes hair to prevent damage and breakage, shown to help grow thicker and stronger hair
  3. 10 drops Rosemary – Stimulates hair follicles, increases blood circulation and helps prevent hair loss
  4. 5 drops Peppermint – Lessens hair loss by strengthening the root and increases bloodflow to scalp

Other Ingredients

  1. Witch Hazel (without alcohol) – Helps to increase blood flow, soothing to the scalp and can help with adding volume to the hair.


  1. Add all drops of essential oils (noted above) to a 4oz glass spray bottle. (a 2oz bottle is pictured below – just half the recipe if using a 2oz bottle)
  2. Add in 2 Tbs of the alcohol free witch hazel
  3. Top off the rest of the bottle with distilled water
  4. Shake to mix
  5. Optional: Print Label for your bottle (you can find the one I used in picture here)
  6. Spray on hair at scalp as needed

Find all my favorite essential oil accessories and supplies here, including bottles, label makers, and cases. Essential oils used are Young Living.

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DIY Mermaid Hair Growth Spray for thin hair, fine hair, postpartum hair loss