Totally Glam Highlighted Hair For Brunettes Ideas

Highlighted hair looks fab, whether your base color is light or dark. And here we’ve decided to discuss the pros of adding highlights for brunettes. Dark hair, when it is well-groomed, looks rich and stunning on its own. However, brunette hair becomes even better when more colors are blended in. Just look through these pictures, and you’ll instantly wish to get it.

Great Highlighted Hair for Brunettes

Brunette Wavy Bob With Warm Brown Highlights

Brunette Wavy Bob With Warm Brown Highlights #brunette #brownhair #wavyhair #bob

Bobs are always in style. And they are a great look for the woman who wants shorter hair but isn’t quite ready to commit to something as short as a pixie. And you will still be able to style your hair into cute updos or half updos such as top knots, braids or buns.

This shoulder-length wavy bob is very pretty with the caramel hand-painted brown highlights that are so artfully woven onto the chocolate brown base. The colors blend perfectly with a nice contrast between cool and warm shades of brown while creating a shiny multi-tonal look. If you are unsure of how to highlight your hair, you can find instructional videos online, or ask your hair stylist for advice.

To get these pretty multi-directional waves, simply use a wide-barreled curling iron to make big, loose waves for a soft and romantic look that will make men weak in the knees when you walk by.

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Light Golden Brown Face-Framing Highlights

Light Golden Brown Face-Framing Highlights #brunette #brownhair #highlights

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you would remember how girls used to put peroxide or Sun-In in their hair and spend hours in the sun to get blonde or light brown hair with blonde highlights. However, this only dried out their hair and, in most cases, it turned orange instead of blonde or light brown.

Luckily, today we have so many more ways to highlight hair without causing extensive damage. Take these pretty bright golden brown highlights: they look so natural with a light ash brown base to create a sun-kissed look. It appears as if you have spent hours in the sun. Ask for more highlights in the front to frame your face. Spritz your wavy tresses with sea salt spray, put on your cutest sundress and some sandals, and get ready to turn heads wherever you go!

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Brown Highlighted Hair With Golden Blonde Streaks

Brown Highlighted Hair With Golden Blonde Streaks #brunette #blondehair #highlights

Highlighted brown hair with blonde streaks is always stunning. If you want a beachy blonde look without having to sit out in the sun for hours, try this blonde highlighted hair technique. The golden blonde highlights look striking with natural blonde tresses.

This style is so pretty for a summer day out with friends. Separate your hair into two sections and then twist them together for a full loose ponytail that is so voluminous. The blonde highlights will add a ton of depth to this funky ponytail.

Source: rafaelbertolucci1 via Instagram

Bronze Highlights For Natural Brown Hair

Bronze Highlights For Natural Brown Hair #brunette #highlights

If you want a look that shimmers in the sun, these bronze highlights on brown hair are just gorgeous! These natural brunette highlights blended with bright bronze tones will make it look like you were sitting out for hours on the beach to lighten your brunette tresses. But you can easily achieve this look at home. Or ask your hair stylist to artfully hand-paint those gorgeous bronze hues.

And what’s prettier than beachy blonde waves with sun-kissed highlights? If you are blessed with naturally curly or wavy tresses, all you need to do is spray your hair with a generous amount of sea salt spray. Then tousle it, so that it looks wind-blown, and let it air dry. With those luxurious, sexy waves and golden bronze highlights, you’ll look like you walked right off the beach!

Source: rafaelbertolucci1 via Instagram

Sun Kissed Golden Face Framing Highlights

Sun Kissed Golden Face Framing Highlights #brunette #blondehair #highlights

Golden blonde highlights look stunning no matter what the season. They are perfect for a summer day or a cool fall night. If you want golden hair with face framing highlights, you can’t go wrong with these light ash blonde highlights. Ask for heavy highlights near the front to softly frame your face to highlight your best features. The contrast between the creamy caramel hues and the chocolate brown base is superb.

Use a flat iron, or a large curling wand to get boisterous, flowy curls for your golden brown hair. With this drop-dead gorgeous combo of sexy waves and bright blonde hues, men won’t stand a chance.

Source: rafaelbertolucci1 via Instagram

Light Brown Highlights On Chocolate Brown Hair

Light Brown Highlights on Chocolate Brown Hair #brunette #highlights #wavyhair

Do you want to spice up your natural dark brunette hair, but don’t want to go blonde? Try dark brown hair with light brown highlights. Brunettes are just as sexy as blondes, and have twice as much fun. So, why not add some life to your gorgeous dark tresses with subtle light brown highlights? Soft light brown tones combined with your natural dark brown color will add a ton of depth and dimension to your hair.

If you want to add more body, make a few soft waves with your flat iron to add some movement to these stunning shades of brown.

Source: rafaelbertolucci1 via Instagram

Coffee Brown Highlights On Dark Hair

Coffee Brown Highlights On Dark Hair #brunette #brownhair

For those searching for a more subtle look, these coffee brown highlights are a little more refined. Highlights on dark hair do not always have to be drastic. Simply going a few shades lighter can give you a new look without going over the top. If you work in an environment that is not laid back and does not allow for funky hair colors, then this combo could be just what you are looking for. The dark brown base with soft java colored highlights will still catch everyone's attention without being overly distracting.

If you want to make this look a bit more funky, try some fun braids at the top and let your wavy tresses cascade down your shoulders for a look that is feminine and chic.

Source: thebeachwaver via Instagram

Grey And Blonde Colored Highlights For A Hologram Effect

Grey And Blonde Colored Highlights For A Hologram Effect #brunette #blondehair #highlights

Colored highlights are everywhere these days, but who says you have to stick to blondes and browns? If you have a pretty shade of ash brown hair and want to go for a look that’s a bit more daring, this shimmery shade of gray is very cool. The breathtaking balayage blend of light brown and silver gray creates a hologram effect that is out of this world.

This look is even prettier on curly or wavy locks as the colors add a level of depth and dimension that will leave your friends speechless. Wrap your hair sideways around a large-barreled curling wand to get waterfall waves and show off your gorgeous new color.

Source: hairbystephanierose via Instagram

Cherry Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

Cherry Highlights On Dark Brown Hair #brunette #redhair #highlights

Red highlights in brown hair is always a fun option. Red is such a bold color, and it just screams fun! Cherry red highlights on dark brown hair are very sexy, if you are looking for a burst of color to spruce up your natural brunette color.

And if you are searching for more of an edgy vibe, black hair with red highlights is great in case you are going for a darker and brooding look. Red and black hair oozes sex appeal. Ask for your rogue red highlights to be hand-painted to resemble a work of art that belongs to the Louvre!

Source: hairbystephanierose via Instagram

Silvery Blonde Highlights On Chestnut Brown Hair

Silvery Blonde Highlights On Chestnut Brown Hair #brunette #highlights

If you want a look that is sexy and mysterious, why not go for a striking blend of silver-gray, dark brown and golden blonde? Dark brown hair with blonde highlights is always a classic look, but why not take it up a notch and mix in some silver steaks for a look that has a ton of depth? Ask for blonde highlights on dark brown hair but then mix in some silver-gray streaks. This look is so fun and flirty with its triple blend of multi-tonal hues! And it looks so pretty on wavy tresses!

Source: emmachenartistry via Instagram

Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights #brunette #highlights

If you are ready to pursue highlights for your long hair, there are several options you can choose from. You may want chunks of color or thin strips of color added to your hair, and the choice is ultimately up to you. Any type of hair works well for highlights, so it isn’t a concern if you have a curly, straight or wavy hairstyle. All of these work well for highlights of any size and degree. The model above has had her balayage hair blended so well that it appears as if her hair has grown naturally with these color tones.

Source: romeufelipe via Instagram

Caramel Highlights On Dark Hair

Caramel Highlights on Dark Hair #brunette #messyhair #longhair #highlights

One of the most popular trends in the modern hair culture is the wavy hair. Caramel highlights cover a broad spectrum of colors ranging from a hue that you would expect all the way to a tangerine or a brown sugar color. This type of highlight job is accentuated if the wearer has a long hair length. Shorter lengths can sport it as well, but longer hair allows the colors to really shine through. This type of hairstyle works well for neatly styled hairstyles as well as for the messy hairstyle.

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Dark Blonde Highlights

Dark Blonde Highlights #highlights #brunette

This beautiful layered haircut is a great way to add volume to a hairstyle. Oftentimes, a new cut presents new challenges. Those challenges are evaded in modern times. Rather than having a specific, cookie-cutter type of style, women have adapted to what their hair decides to do naturally and have named it the wavy hairstyle. Women used to rock either very curly hair or stick straight hair but opt for a more relaxed look these days. The color on this model is breath-taking with the balayage hair appearing to be a natural hair color and not a color job.

Source: petermenezes via Instagram

Bob Haircut With Highlights

Bob Haircut With Highlights #brunette #highlights

With the summer upon us, women opt for a short bob haircut. This style allows enough length to still pull your hair back into a ponytail if desired. This model’s dirty blonde hair color has a beautiful balayage color application that causes the colors to blend perfectly and appear natural. This cut allows for various types of styles to be acquired to suit any occasion whether casual or formal. With a little time and a straightening iron, you can have a straight hair style that is both sleek and sexy for formal events.

Source: romeufelipe via Instagram

Long Burgundy Highlights

Long Burgundy Highlights #brunette #highlights

If you have a naturally wavy hairstyle but desire more formed curls, this hairstyle is the perfect example. Oftentimes, women are hesitant to attempt to put highlights on burgundy colored hair. However, this ombre hair color is absolutely stunning! The addition of a bang haircut also gives this style more character. Whether you have long hair or short hair, this color job would be beautiful on nearly any length.

Source: sheffpavelstylist via Instagram

Long Brown Highlighted Hair

Long Brown Highlighted Hair #brunette #highlights

It doesn’t matter what color of hair you have, blonde highlights have been worn on every hair color imaginable and still look phenomenal. There are various tones of these blonde highlights, and some of them would often be classified as a different color rather than blonde. Like on this model, wavy hair allows the colors to flow and melt beautifully. This style looks equally stunning on short hair but really shines in the length of a long hairstyle.

Source: prettylittleombre via Instagram

Dirty Blonde Hair With Highlights

Dirty Blonde Hair With Highlights #highlights #brunette

If you’re looking for a new style for your long hair, then this hairstyle pictured here may be just the style for you. This model has a gorgeous color job with highlights that compliments her skin tone and eye color. This beautiful wavy hairstyle has slightly more curl than a typical wavy style. This color job would also look good on straight or curly hair, but something about the wavy style compliments this style in a fantastic way. The dirty blonde hair color really flatters her skin tone and eye color.

Source: mariohenriqueoficial via Instagram

Blonde Vanilla

Blonde Vanilla #highlights #brunette

Not a total blonde yet not a brunette. While many girls tend to compare blonde and brunette, trying to find out which one is better, wise ones know that these two go hand in hand. In other words, there’s no better color pair to brunette than blonde shades, and vice versa. Here, you can see how coolish vanilla blonde hues blend with a light brunette base, forming a seamless single whole.

Source: romeufelipe via Instagram

Sandy Blonde

Sandy Blonde #brunette #highlights

Sandy blonde hues bring the mood of eternal summer; the mood of the time when glossy waves gently kiss the wet sand with its foam. Yes, highlighted hair is not just a little change of color; it’s a brand new mood that can feel the space around you every single day. Make sure to leave the roots dark yet well-blended to keep up with the color and health balance of your locks.

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Cappuccino #highlights #brunette

How about a soft cream hue that melts with espresso base and ends as a powdery accent of cinnamon shade? Call it magic, call it true, but the most pleasant hair color never comes alone. And if you want to flaunt with as tasteful and attention-grabbing color as your favorite coffee drink, don’t forget to find a color barista who knows the right proportions.

Source: romeufelipe via Instagram

Buttery Blonde Lights

Buttery Blonde Lights #highlights #brunette

Besides a refreshing appearance, there’s one more visual benefit from getting highlighted hair. Remember how many times you felt disappointed about your face shape and tried to style your hair to work on it? Well, as a matter of fact, the right color approach is enough to sort things out. As you can see, these buttery blonde highlights are pretty drastic comparing to the darker mane. Also, they’re added selectively to the front. As a result, they create a stunning framing effect that will wash away all the face-shape insecurities.

Source: mariohenriqueoficial via Instagram

Coppery Toned

Coppery Toned #highlights #brunette

Copper hair color lies between red and brunette color palettes, which means it will work for both redheads and brunettes. Even though it comes as a combination of those two, the shiny reddish vibe always prevails. So if you want to spice up your brunette mane with some natural shine, get your hair toned with some matching coppery shade.

Source: mariohenriqueoficial via Instagram

Warm & Sultry

Warm & Sultry #highlights #brunette

When deep warm-toned shades meet a profound cool-toned base, they form a duo that can leave people speechless. This stunning mix of sophisticated brown and dark caramel highlights looks so attractive and natural that it’s hard to take eyes off it. Isn’t that the effect every girl would like to achieve with her new hair color?

Source: suetyrrellstylist via Instagram

Chestnut Brown Shades

Chestnut Brown Shades #highlights #brunette

Here’s an idea for those who want to stay loyal to their natural chestnut bases while giving a little fresh take. Just like any other color, chestnut brown comes in a variety of similar shades. So why don’t you create a mindblowing dimension by mixing them all? This look, for instance, is the perfect example of such color moves.

Source: maxgourgues via Instagram

Honey Glazed Doughnut

Honey Glazed Doughnut #highlights #brunette

Unlike real chocolate donuts with honey glaze, this idea has nothing to do with calories you will regret getting. The only things that you will achieve in great amounts are countless compliments because this color play is destined to have all eyes on it. In order to make the darker base stand out, honey brunette highlights hit the ends so distinctively that it can outshine the sun itself!

Source: suetyrrellstylist via Instagram

Silver And White Highlighted Hair

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Silver And White Highlighted Hair #brunette #highlights
Silver and White Highlighted Hair Bob #brunette #highlights #bob
Silver and White Highlighted Hair picture3

There are several techniques how a hair colorist highlights hair. One of the most popular options is to get ombre. For example, you can ask your colorist to make your ends several shades lighter, like caramel.

Most Delectable Caramel Highlights Hair

Source: marianna_hewitt via Instagram, brittsully via Instagram, petermenezes via Instagram
Most Delectable Caramel Highlights Hair Long #brunette #highlights #wavyhair #longhair
Most Delectable Caramel Highlights Hair #brunette #highlights
Most Delectable Caramel Highlights Hair Copper #brunette #highlights #wavyhair

Or, ask for another trendy coloring technique and get a balayage hair color. It can also enhance the beauty of your dark hair and make it multi-dimensional. Just consult with your stylist which technique is more appropriate for your hair texture.

Amazing Highlights

Source: petermenezes via Instagram, saidhenriquegyn via Instagram
Amazing Highlights picture1
Amazing Highlights picture2
Amazing Highlights #brunette #highlights

Thus, if you opt for ombre, it requires bleaching the ends at first. And the ends of our hair always get the most damage. So, you need to be sure that their state is good enough to survive bleaching.

Highlights For Short To Medium Hair

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Highlights for Short to Medium Hair picture1
Highlights For Short To Medium Hair #brunette #highlights
Highlights For Short To Medium Hair Waves #brunette #highlights

A pixie or medium cut with the highlighted or bright strands will not leave you unnoticed in the monotonous crowd.

Amazing Long Highlighted Hair

Source: sheffpavelstylist via Instagram, hairby_chrissy via Instagram, prettylittleombre via Instagram
Amazing Long Highlighted Hair Soft Brown #brunette #highlights
Amazing Long Highlighted Hair Cold #brunette #highlights
Amazing Long Highlighted Hair Copper #brunette #highlights

Colorful balayage on brown hair looks amazing. This striking style starts with a deep and dark brown shade and ends with bright highlights.

Beautiful Balayage For Brunettes

Source: romeufelipe via Instagram, suetyrrellstylist via Instagram
Beautiful Balayage For Brunettes Black #brunette #highlights
Beautiful Balayage For Brunettes Blonde #brunette #highlights
Beautiful Balayage Ends For Brunettes #highlights #brunette

On the long hair, a variety of highlighted strands looks especially charming, since they add radiance and visual volume.

Chocolate Brown Hair With Highlights

Source: kimwasabi via Instagram, cris_cobucci via Instagram, suetyrrellstylist via Instagram
Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights picture1
Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights picture2
Chocolate Brown Hair With Highlights #brunette #highlights

Highlights that are subtly popping will add some movement and dimension to your gorgeous brunette tresses.

Cold Tones For Your Dark Hair

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Cold Tones For Your Dark Hair #brunette #highlights
Cold Tones For Your Dark Hair #brunette #highlights
Cold Tones for Your Dark Hair picture3

When darker hair meets with ice, the result is mesmerizing. Who are you and what is your secret, someone might ask.

Blonde And Brown Balayage

Source: hairby_chrissy via Instagram, off7thsalon via Instagram, kimwasabi via Instagram
Blonde And Brown Balayage #brunette #highlights
Blonde and Brown Balayage picture2
Blonde and Brown Balayage picture3

These brunette locks sun-kissed with highlights look stunning. Slightly wave your hair, at least the ends, to bring out that beauty.

Warm Tones On Dark Brown Hair

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Warm Tones On Dark Brown Hair #brunette #highlights
Warm Tones on Dark Brown Hair picture2
Warm Tones on Dark Brown Hair picture3

Warm tones can also spice up your long brunette looks. The result will be subtle, more natural looking. This look is truly royal!