In need of a new hairstyle to spice up your fall look? Maybe you need a new do’ to go along with your fall outfits this season? Here I present you with 15 gorgeous medium length hairstyles!

1. Braided Messy Bun

I actually tend to do this hairstyle a lot. Keep that front hair out (your bangs) and put the rest into a bun, then braid your bangs back and secure them with some bobby pins for a cute messy bun look.

Braided buns make such cute medium length hairstyles!

2. Braided Back Bangs

Bangs are always a fun look to try. If you have bangs, try putting half of your hair up and leaving some wisp’s out. Another style that can be done is to add a few waves and braid your bangs back, for a polished and sleek look like the one below! 

Braided back bangs look great on medium length hairstyles!

3. Colored Hair 

Now this isn’t exactly a hairstyle to do, but it’s something fun to try! Add a pop of color to your hair for some dimension. It doesn’t have to be as drastic as blue, but maybe add some blue tips or pink highlights! A tip when changing your hair to a fun color such as blue or pink is to make your roots darker to add some contrast.

Colored hair compliments medium length hairstyles!


4. Space Buns

This new trend is hitting places hard; everyone wants to be able to make space buns look cute. I mean if Ariana Grande can pull it off, we can too! Just split your hair however you want to and pull both sides up into equal looking buns, then secure the buns with hair ties and bobby pins for that perfect look!

Medium length hairstyles look great with space buns!

5. Ponytail Upgrade

Upgrade your normal pony for a more elegant look. Instead of using pony tail holders, buy some fancy looking clips for a more bold statement. This is a perfect and easy way to secure that medium length hair.

Pull that hair back with a cute clip. Works great for medium length hairstyles!

6. Everyday Festival Hair

Instead of full out festival looks, incorporate just the hair into your everyday style! You don’t have to include all the eye make-up and glitter, but taking a quick minute to get some inspiration from festivals like Coachella (my favorite festival),  you can find some unique styles! 

Festival hair looks great on medium length hairstyles!


7.  Throw Some Curlers In

Use overnight curlers or braid your hair in lots of sections and let it dry over night. In the morning you’ll have a beautifully messy medium length hairstyle that is both fun, and voluminous!

Voluminous curls look great on medium length hairstyles!

8. The French Braid Crown

For our more experienced hair stylists, the french braid crown may be the look for you. French braid both sides of your hair until they meet in the back, once they meet, pin them to look like one continuous braid.

This messy french braid crown looks great on medium length hairstyles!

9. Straight Hair

You can never go wrong with straight hair, it is a simple and easy way to look sleek and professional. You can mix this sleek medium length hairstyle up by using a bobby pin to either braid or pin back your front hair!

Medium length hairstyles look sleek and mature when straightened!

10. Thick Curls

Using a 1 or 2 inch curler, make large curls to give the illusion of big voluminous hair. This style is super cute while adding lots of volume! This look is also cute for medium length hairstyles for girls with naturally curly hair!

Curly hair looks so cute on medium length hairstyles!

Like these medium length hairstyles? Comment below what your favorite medium hairstyle is!
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