Happy Monday (or Tuesday if you’re an email subscriber)! Steve and I returned last night from our quick trip to Nashville for our nephew’s Baptism, and crashed immediately. We had a great time visiting family, and I am working on a recap post of the weekend as we speak. But God Bless New Jersey winter, because we woke this morning to our heat not working and frozen pipes– yay! Despite being set in the high 60s the temp kept dropping into the 50s, so I put on full sweats and refused to leave my bed for the first part of the day. Luckily we were able to have someone come and fix it pretty quickly, and now the negative 5 windchill is a bit more bearable. This story has nothing to do with today’s post, but I thought we could commiserate on the sub-zero temperatures.

Ok so! My hair routine is one of the most-asked questions on instagram, and often IRL, so I thought I’d share the 7 hair products I’m currently loving for my curls.


I just started recently using this shampoo from Acure, and I love it. It smells great, and makes my hair feel extra clean. A lot of curly girls do co-wash or skip traditional shampoo, but I often feel like that makes my hair greasier, especially because I am only washing about 2-3 times a week. I like my hair to feel squeaky clean, especially with the amount of product I often use, so this one is my current fave.

Hair Mask

This is by fair my favorite hair mask of all time. I love the smell, the packaging, and the way it works on my hair. I use this a few times a week instead of conditioner, and it is amazing. Worth every penny.

Styling Cream

After showering I typically wrap my hair in this hair towel, or an old t-shirt, and then I add this styling cream from Rusk. I only use a tiny bit, otherwise it weighs down my hair. Other creams I’ve used and really like are: Ouidad Whipped Curls, Bumble & Bumble’s Defining Creme, Aveda’s Be Curly, and Garnier’s Curl Treat Smoothie.


99% of the time I use Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel.

I also have used & enjoyed Garnier’s Curl Treat Jelly,h Ouidad Climate Control, and Deva Curl Light Defining Gel

Dry Shampoo

I have tried a lot of dry shampoos, but I have yet to find two I love more than this one, or my close second: this one.

Texture Spray

My sister introduced me to this from Living Proof over Christmas, and I am obsessed. I use it on my roots when my hair has fallen flat, or basically any day after wash day.

Heat Styling/ Frizz Cream

Another product I buy over & over again is this one. I love it for occasional heat styling, or to smooth my curls on a day they’re out of control. The smell is heavenly, too.

There you have it, friends. These are the items in my regular rotation over here, and I hope you find something you love among this list. If you don’t see your personal fave, let me know! I am always looking to change things up and try new products for my curls.

Have a great week, and stay warm!